Graduate Study

Specialization in Reading and Writing Processes and Practices

(in Spanish, EPPLE)

Approved by the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (in Spanish, CONEAU), Session No. 349. Validated by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology (in Spanish, MECyT), Res. 1230/14.

The program aims at offering a graduate curriculum to upgrade and enhance the students’ reading and writing knowledge and practices, regarding both native and second language. It is designed for applicants interested in language issues and in the comprehension and production of different kinds of written and oral texts. The curricular path, organized in courses and seminars, encourages reflection about several theoretical aspects regarding reading and writing. In addition, the different workshops provide insight into different approaches to varied reading and writing practices.

Degree awarded

Specialist in Reading and Writing Processes and Practices

Student profile

• Teachers working at different levels and in various disciplinary fields in the formal education system, or teachers that employ reading and writing processes in informal education undertakings. They must hold an undergraduate university degree obtained from a national or foreign university, or a non-university higher education degree (minimum program duration: 4 years)

• Professionals or teachers interested in reflecting upon language, reading and writing, who wish to design and implement different kinds of projects.

Enrollment dates

Pre-registration is not scheduled to be open at this time.


Students take the required courses within a period of one and a half years.

They then have a period of up to one year to write and submit their final paper.

Mode of delivery

On campus.

Academic body

Program director:

Silvana Marchiaro, M.A.

Academic Committee:

Elena Pérez, Ph.D.

María Elisa Romano, M.A.

Nelly Rueda, Ph.D.

Specialist Silvia Miranda de Torres


Module I: Fundamentals


Theories of Comprehension and Production of Written Texts.

Text Models.

Argumentation & Discourse.

Reading Theories.

Spanish Grammar and Written Discourse.

Module II: Areas of Application


Reading and Writing in Higher Education.

Reading and Writing in a Foreign Language.

Multilingual Reading and Intercomprehension.

Reading, Writing and Interculturality.

Module III: Practical Application


Required workshops: Reading and Writing of Academic and Scientific Texts.

Elective workshops (students must attend two of them):

Orality Workshop.

Reading and Writing of Texts for Children.

Reading and Writing in Virtual Environments.

Module IV: Final paper

Contact information:

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