Prospective Students

Enrollment for non-national students

International students who wish to enroll on a full program and earn an undergraduate or graduate degree at the UNC should read the information available here:

Please notice: International students who wish to pursue partial studies at the UNC for one or two semesters should contact the Office of International Affairs.

Dates for onsite enrollment (not necessarily in-person)

Early enrollment: December. 

Late period: February (once the Introductory Course has started).

All required documents and forms must be submitted at the School of Languages’ Student Records Office (University Campus: Bv. Enrique Barros s/n) at the time and on the date appointed.

* Enrollment need not be done personally, i.e. a person may bring all original documents and forms on behalf of the prospective student.


1. Required Form: personal information form (available for download at: with a recent, digitized and scanned ID card photo of you.

2. Translated* foreign high school diploma with appropriate stamps: official transcript and diploma legalized by your country’s Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and by the Argentine Embassy or Consulate (the Hague Apostille can substitute for the Consulate’s intervention).

If the diploma has yet to be recognized by the appropriate authorities, you are entitled to a 12-month extension, until December of the academic year.

* All documents must be translated into Spanish by a Sworn Translator registered in Argentina.

3. CELU: non-Spanish speaking international students need to have obtained the Certificate of Spanish: Language and Use (CELU) with an intermediate or advanced level. 

If you have not received the results yet, you can submit a certificate proving that you have sat for the exam and request provisional enrollment in the program.  

4. Type of visa required: 

-Entering students (MERCOSUR): They can start studying with the ID issued by their country of origin until receiving an Argentine National ID card. In this case, the visa required is a temporary MERCOSUR residence permit that the student can renew for two or more years, or even until his/her degree is awarded. Students must initiate MERCOSUR residency paperwork within 30 days.

-Entering students (non-MERCOSUR): They can enter the country with a tourist visa. Once registered at the university, they have to initiate paperwork at the Immigration Office within 30 days.

5. Commitment letter: this is a commitment letter to be processed in and given to you by the Office of Academic Affairs, Office of the Deputy Secretary of International Affairs (UNC, University Campus, Pabellón Argentina). Please check there the dates to obtain it.

Contact information: Lic. Silvana Tortone

Avenida Haya de la Torre s/n, Pabellón Argentina, Ground Floor - University Campus.

Tel: (+54) 351 4333049/4333050, ext. 132. 

Enrollment: Step by Step

STEP 1: Pre-enrollment on SIU Guaraní

In order to begin your enrollment process at the School of Languages, you first need to sign up on “Guaraní Preinscripción” by creating a user name, and complete the Personal information form. Click on to begin.

1- Create an account: in order to create a user name, you need to inform an e-mail address, because you will receive a verification e-mail. Enter your full name (this information must match the one on your ID exactly) and your ID number.

Once you have completed the fields and submit the information, you will receive an e-mail with a link to click on in order to verify your account and start the enrollment process.

2- Choose proposal: select the School and program.

3- Complete personal data: a menu will appear on the left for you to fill out personal information and other data. Don’t forget to indicate your “CUIL” (Worker ID No.). You will need it to request the Free Student Transport Ticket.

STEP 2: Attach documents

Once you have entered all the required information, attach the required documents on “Documentación”:

1- Scanned up-to-date ID. It must be the one obtained at age 15 or older. Make sure to scan both the front and back.

2- ID card photo (3x3cm): either digital or scanned. Full front view of the face. Background: white or light blue. It cannot be blurred. It cannot be a cropped picture.

3- Translated foreign high school diploma with appropriate stamps. If the diploma has yet to be recognized by the appropriate authorities, you are entitled to a 12-month extension, until December of the academic year.

For documents 1 and 3, you will only be able to upload ONE file, so make sure you merge all images into a single .pdf, .doc, .png, .jpg, .bmp or .png.

Once the form has been completed, click on IMPRIMIR (print) to generate the PDF file. You don’t need to print the PDF. The PDF file will include a code, on the top-right hand. You will need it, so make sure you take a photo of it or write it down.

STEP 3: Submit all documents at the Student Records Office

Enrollment is completed onsite at the Student Records Office, School of Languages - University Campus. You will need to schedule an appointment at

Appointments for enrollments are scheduled in December and in February (with the Introductory Course already taking place), both during the morning and during the afternoon. You can choose any time as long as it is still available. Once the appointment has been scheduled, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the information about the appointment and a link to cancel it, in case you need to.

On the day of the appointment, you can either bring all required documents yourself or send someone on your behalf. This final step of the enrollment process must be done onsite, but not necessarily in person. If you can’t come, someone else can bring all required original documents so that we can check them against those files uploaded with the form on Guaraní.

STEP 4: Registration for the Introductory Course on “Guaraní Autogestión”

Registration for the Introductory Course is done through Guaraní Autogestión:

You will be able to register for the Introductory Course once you have completed all the previous steps. Your username on Guaraní Autogestión is your ID number and the password consist in the last four digits of your ID number.

Depending on the program you choose, you will register for corresponding subjects. For French, German, Italian and Portuguese language programs, Introductory Course subjects can be taken online. However, midterms and final examinations must be taken on campus.

Contact Information:

Student Records Office

School of Languages - University Campus.

Blvd. Enrique Barros s/n.

Tel: (+54) 351 434 3214/15/16/17/18, ext. 115, 116 and 119.

Monday-Friday, 9.00 a.m. - 12.30 p.m., and 2.30 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.