Graduate Study

Specialization in Language and Digital Communication

The School of Languages and the School of Communication Sciences offer this program accredited by the University National Assessment and Accreditation Council (in Spanish, CONEAU) (Order No.°11396/13, Record 408, for Session held on October 6, 2014) and Ministerial Resolution No.1581 dated September 29, 2016. It also has provisional official acknowledgment and the resulting national validation for the graduate degree of “Specialist in Language and Digital Communication”.

Digital communication is characterized by interactivity, hipertextuality, multimodality, multimediality and transmediality. All of these features allow for the display of various languages under different modalities and resources. Communication modes have enabled an increase in the number of users that take advantage of the potential of statements and public exposure. As a result, it is also necessary to boost communicative competences related to the usage of different languages involved in digital communication.

Considering the scale of these changes, language and communication professionals (teachers, translators, licentiates in Language, Information Sciences and Social Communication, cultural managers, among others) need to reconsider these objects of study influenced by technology, and restate and redefine the main disciplinary ideas in view of a discursive reconfiguration which is, at the same time, cultural.