Graduate Study

Master’s Degree in Translation Studies

Accredited by Resolution No. 1204/2012 by the National Commission for University Evaluation and Accreditation (in Spanish, CONEAU). Validated under Resolution No. 1002/2004 by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (in Spanish, MECyT).

As an interdisciplinary field, Translation Studies does not only deal with translation in its varied realizations, but it also analyzes it from perspectives as diverse as enriching and complementary. The Master’s Degree in Translation Studies aims at establishing communication between these perspectives; therefore, this program is developed as a meeting point of disciplines, including Text Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Pragmatics, Didactics and Terminology, among others, where translation serves as a mediator node.

Degree awarded

Master’s Degree in Translation Studies

Student profile

Due to the level of linguistic and communicative competence required, not only in the mother tongue, but also in one or more foreign languages, the program is mainly aimed at university or non-university higher education institute graduates with a solid knowledge of languages.

Academic body

Program director:

María Laura Perassi, M.A.

Academic Advisory Council:

Mariela Bortolón, Ph.D.

Nelly E. M. Rueda, Ph.D.

Paula Garda, M.A.

M. Marta Ledesma, M.A.

Rules and resolutions

Regulations on Master's Degrees (FL-UNC).pdf (only in Spanish)

RDFL 68/06 (Discounts).pdf (only in Spanish)

RDFL 154/09 Amendment to RDFL 68/06.pdf (only in Spanish)

RHCS 279/04 Non-university higher education institution graduates.pdf (only in Spanish)

RDFL 453/07 5th year Students.pdf (only in Spanish)

Upcoming courses:

At the moment, there are no courses scheduled for the Master's Degree in Translation Studies. If you want to know the schedule of courses related to the discipline, we invite you to discover the Translation Studies Track here (only in Spanish).

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